As of December 1, 2015 the Falcons Water Base turf proposal is now being considered as part of a bigger Master Plan review at Winskill to incorporate the needs of all sport clubs who call Winskill home. The plan requires several other things to happen to even be considered but it means our needs will get a proper review and be a serous consideration going forward. Reviews with the clubs should start in January 2016 and be be finished by February. It is very important to note that our new MP, Carla Qualtrough, is a champion for sport and is the new sport minister for Canada. We look forward to discussions with her and her team following an introductory letter the club sent outlining our clubs plans for a Water Base Turf in the near future. Stay tuned, we should have more updates in the new year. This will be a very important year to push the proposal forward.

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